A sustainable solution...

Our social commitment has led us to produce our new photo booths in close cooperation with the sheltered workshop 'de Brug vzw' in Mortsel.

De Brug is a sheltered workshop dedicated to providing work for people with mental disabilities, people with mental disabilities in recovery and people suffering from epilepsy.

... during production

  • The photo booths are made by the cradle-to-cradle principle
  • Sustainable materials are preferred
  • Belgian production ensures a minimum of CO2 emissions during transportation

Lokale geproduceerd, minder transport
Duurzame materialen
Zuinig in gebruik

... during usage

  • Photos are printed without chemical products
  • Only LED lightning
  • The photo booth will shut down automatically after opening hours

    Cities & municipalities 
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    Being a market leader, we currently provide passport photos at a growing number of Belgian locations.

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