Booth ID


  • Aesthetic and sober design
  • Payment by coins, banknotes and electronic cards
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Sustainable and local production
  • Follow-up and technical support by APS via 3G
  • Digital sending of your photo booth at the counter

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Technical specifications

  • 1.7mx0.85mx 1.95m
  • Low energy consumption (+/- 8 euros per month)
  • Up to 1600 impressions
  • Identity photos ready in less than a minute
  • ICAO Control
technische fiche A4 APS.pdf

Digital forwarding of your photo

Under a new measure taken by the authorities to fight against identity fraud, all passport photos will have to be sent digitally from 2019. APS booths are provided with all necessary features to comply with this measure.APS has also developed its own system to easily send photos to the National Register database by simply scanning a QR code on the ID photos. This feature has been added to alleviate the work of municipal officers at the front desk.
We are waiting for official confirmation from the public authorities to put this system in place.

Wheelchair accessible

All APS photo booths are accessible to wheelchair users.

Transparency of your online cash register

APS offers you a unique controlling system allowing you to track the turnover of your photo booth. All photos issued by the photo booth are registered on an online platform accessible for cities and municipalities. 

This online platform contains all the necessary information to check your turnover, download monthly activity reports or save and manage refunds.

Electronic payment

All APS photo booths are equipped with a payment terminal and accept all cards. And because we favour innovation and new technologies, all our photo booths also accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Unique service

  • Free installation of your photo booth
  • Free interventions within one hour
  • Commission on your transactions
  • Follow-up system of your online cash register 

APS Photo booths, a sustainable solution! 

APS produces their photo booths in cooperation with sheltered workshop ‘de Brug vzw’ in Mortsel.

Besides the choice for sustainable materials, all photo booths are also very sustainable in their usage.