Unique service

APS delivers, installs and maintains your photo booth completely against no cost and guarantees profit sharing: 

  • Free installation of your photo booth
  • Free interventions within one hour
  • Profit sharing for your city or municipality
  • Online follow-up platform of your photo booth

Transparency in your online cash register Every transaction in real-time

APS offers a unique controlling system to track the sales of your photo booth. All photos delivered via the photo booth are registered in an online platform, accessible to the cities and municipalities. 

This online platform contains all the necessary information to check your sales, request monthly reports or manage repayments.

Free interventions within one hour

APS guarantees free interventions within one our. Because of the focus on Belgian cities and municipalities, we are extremely flexible and always on location within one hour. 

Via 3G, APS is able to control and monitor all photo booths and check their technical status such as the paper stand, ink level, change .. 

  • Monitoring via 3G
  • Complement paper or ink
  • Follow-up of technical malfunctions

Commission on transactions Unique in Belgium

Photos in your city or municipality? 

Your photo booth will be installed at the departement Population. 

The installation of the device is completely free for the city or municipality. We guarantee its correct operation and its complete maintenance.

As compensation for the installation of the photo booth, the city or municipality will receive a commission on the use of the photo booth.
The fee is paid every month on the bank account of the city or municipality.

Every month you will receive a report with the number of photographs taken, number of returns and the fee for the city or municipality.
The price of the passport photos is determined by the municipality itself.

Cities & municipalities 
trust in us

Being a market leader, we currently provide passport photos at a growing number of Belgian locations.

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